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Lots of Flowers

whimsical flowerI love making paper flowers at the moment.  How long will I still love making them? I’m not sure. I may need a break from them after a few more months.

I made these flowers a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post about them.  I think they look kind of whimsical. image

To make them I used tissue paper for the petals and poms, Tacky glue, and metallic paint for the color on the large flower. I used copy paper for the center of the big one too, green Italian florist crepe for leaves, wire and green floral tape for stems.

After I made them my mom pointed out that the large one looked a bit like it was made out of  70’s wallpaper. That wasn’t what I was going for, but it makes it look a bit more whimsical.  Sort of. Not really. Hmm…

I also made these out of dyed coffee filters.  They where partially inspired by Stephanie Law, one of my favorite artists, who recently painted several pictures that had some beautiful blue roses, but I think I may need to devise a way to make the shadows deeper. Maybe ink?


imageblue pastel roses

I had a bit of fun with the lighting here, can you tell?