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Why I Love Drawing

blue dragonThe other day I was sitting in the living room with my awesome dad, who listens (actually listens) to my endless ramble on art.  He’s awesome.  Anyway as I continued in talk for hours mode, he asked “So what is your favorite stuff to use?” Well, I had to think (aloud) about that for a while (as in 10 minutes) and came to the conclusion that it’s probably pencil.  Not that I don’t like other things, I love painting, clay work, and loads of other things (if I made a list you would leave at the sight of the tedious work of reading it).


1. I’m getting to where I can actually get the image in my mind onto paper, sort of…

2. It’s portable.  I carry a tiny little sketch book and pencils in my purse everywhere.  Once a friend of mine saw the bulk of my purse and said “Wow, is that yours?” and I said “Yes, but it’s mostly my drawing supplies.”

flower doodles

3. I can work on it any time.  I have siblings and sudden calls from the Outside the Bedroom world so, I have to be able to leave without paint, glue, clay, and so on, drying on me… or something collapsing…


4. It’s versatile.  Well, lots of things are versatile but, I like to sketch things out before I do stuff and try lots and lots of different styles, anything from decorative lettering to life-like stuff.


Well, that’s about it.  Drawing just kind of fits for me right now, and I love it.

What’s Your Favorite Way To Make Things?


P.S. sorry for the exhausting wait, but life, right?

P.P.S. Some of these were for my tiny sketchbook so, pay no attention to the fingers.