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Drawing Squirrels and Inspiration

squirrel drawing
I love it when I get inspired by other artists (generally those that are much more awe inspiring than I am).  Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of Ellen Jewett’s work in sculpting, and it is absolutely extraordinary! I LOVE the detail!  It has that surrealistic look, and the way everything intertwines just blows my mind. Here are a few of her sculptures.

white stag.jpg 1.jpgrabbit1.4.jpg

Photos courtesy of Ellen Jewett’s website

Are they not gorgeous?  Anyway, I set out to re-create something similar in drawing.  (I wrote an entire post here, about drawing). I certainly want to pull out my clay some time, but right now I’m a bit to busy to sit down with clay.

squirrel drawing step 1 I started with the rough outline I wanted to follow and went from there; drawing tons of nature/Ellen inspired designs and twigs in there.

squirrel step 2

squirrel drawing

 I like the way it turned out, although it certainly doesn’t have the same extraordinary depth that her sculptures do, but for trying a new style I think I did pretty good.  Thanks for stopping by, if you made it through all those pictures that is 😉  Oh, and I would appreciate you guys telling me what you think down in the comments, and please check out Ellen Jewett’s website here.