Life Update!


Hey everyone!  No, I didn’t die (or this would be titled Death Update), there’s just been a whole lot of craziness going on.  Most of it has been big whole-family changes, but during that time I was able to focus on some things for the future.  I am a very visionary person, which is a good thing, except that I’m not always a very focused one, so I have a lot of dreams and ambitions.  Lucky for me, I also have an absolutely amazing mom who helped me figure out a short term goal to try: attempting to become a farmer-florist!


The seeds for this idea were sown by Floret, a farmer florist operation in Washington.  They have a blog that contains tons of information an resources for beginners.  Check out the Floret Blog, if you’re interested.

They super inspired me, but there are whole lot of kinks that I still have to work out, considering that I live in Florida, and climate is very different here.  I have researched gardening in Florida for a while, but there’s nothing quite like experience.  This season will contain a whole lot of trial and error. I do feel excited about it, and I have lots of plans and ideas for this hobby that, might, just maybe, turn into an actual business.

  I also want to work on the blog quite a bit as well.  If I’m not posting or formulating a post, then I’m probably working on the layout, photography, and other fun technical stuff… or gardening and doing school.

Ok. One more big project I’d like to mention.

We live on the same ten acre property as my dad’s parents,(aka grandma and grandpa) and in-between the two houses is a little guest house.  It’s been used for storage mostly… and guests.  BUT now I am allowed to turn it into a crafting/play area for my sisters and I!


There are still tons projects and crafting and art (oh my!), but I hope this gives ya’ll something to look forward to reading about, and if you have any helpful ideas, please comment!  I’d love to hear some feedback!