Trying A New Technique


No, I didn’t draw in a reading book. That is my art journal, so please don’t freak out.

 Amongst all the crazy things I’m trying to do mentioned in the previous post I did find some time to draw.


I like the look of the words in the background, except for one thing… YOU CAN STILL READ THE  BOOK!  Although considering most of my crafting and art supplies were currently unavailable, I think it’s pretty good.  Next time I think I’ll add just a little bit of a gesso wash.

The thoughts that went through my brain when I was drawing this was that I wanted it to kind of say “Sometimes, you need the rain to really see what is beautiful” and at the same time ” The rain can be beautiful, too.”  When I drew this it was meant to be just shades of gray, with maybe a little color in the flowers to add emphasis on them, but I was trying to make my background, well, background.  I still will probably try this style some more though.  What do you think?