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Moving into a Travel Trailer

 Yup.  It’s happening.  Well, not right this second, or this week- in fact not really for another two months. But– It is happening.

For a lot of people, that’s not bad.  In fact if you find a nice park, have at least weekends off, a reasonable amount of personal space, and don’t have a hairy, shedding dog that has to stay in with you (not to mention two cats…), that sounds pretty great!

Ok, it’s really kind of awesome. We move around A LOT. Like military family a lot. ( No. My dad is no longer in the military, but we moved around then, too.)  Having a house wherever God puts us is not only more sane, but cheaper and more practical, too.  Will it be crowded living in much closer proximity with seven people besides myself?  Oh yeah.  Definitely.  Am I Ok with that?  Ye- Well, not entirely, but I’ll get over it.  I get my own bunk though, and-um- That’s all the space I get.  We will be outside and in town a lot however, so that gives me a little space.  At least that’s the plan… those have a way of changing…  Until then though, we need to get the property we’re on ready to sell, get things wrapped up around here, and say some tearful farewells to friends and family before we move out.

I have no idea how to do art in a trailer (storage for supplies?!) although I plan to post as I learn.  Maybe I could do an art class for painting and sculpting then draw at home? Or get into photography (or at least better at it)?  Maybe I could learn digital painting.  We will have the computer hooked up, so I can still blog, even if it is a bit limited.  Maybe I could get a laptop for my birthday (Mom, Dad, did you get that?) -probably not…

As you can see I’m very excited/anxious.  I feel like that a lot though, and it usually means something awesome is coming.*    So next time, grab your coffee (or popcorn, if you’re like me and don’t drink coffee) and get ready for awesomeness.

*There is roughly an 80% chance of awesomeness.

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