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Drawing Coloring Pages

My sister had been begging me to draw her some coloring pages for awhile now and I finally got around to doing it.  As an added bonus I was able to experiment with my black Copic Sketch markers that I got for Christmas.  I know, they are Copics!!!  but honestly, I kept forgetting I had them. (Insert sheepish grin)

Winter Elf82316First I drew it with pencil, which was kinda hard because I had to remember not to shade.  Then, after going over it with the brush end of my marker, I erased the extra pencil lines.  Because I didn’t want her to color the original, I scanned it so we can print as many copies as we want.  Depending on your scanner you may have to draw on copy paper so it will fit, like I did.

I like to base things off of the seasons and nature, and these were no different.  The one above was definitely winter inspired, while the other was less concrete.  Really, it could be any of the seasons, depending on the colors that one uses on it.

Summer Elf82416

I really enjoyed drawing these and will probably do more.  It’s very simple and relaxing, and I really like those markers.