DIY Dollhouse


Hello, everybody!  This is a project I did a while ago that I never put up (oops).  I made it for my seven year old sister, who wanted something she could take outside to play dolls in.  It is not water proof (so don’t leave it out in the rain) but it is very portable and she loved it.  She loved it so much, that it got a teensy bit beat up (the little porch roof had to be glued back on), but it has held up pretty well for the most part.  It would have made a good tutorial had I taken pictures… but I didn’t.  However, I shall improvise and attempt to write one without pictures!

What I Used:

A milk carton, egg cartons, acrylic paint, Popsicle sticks, hot glue (and gun), packing tape, serrated knife, acrylic gesso,  scissors, scrap book, paper, tacky glue, thin card board, fabric, thread, cardboard tube, dyed coffee filters, bells, paper flowers, tulle, and masking tape.


  1. Figure out where you want the open side to be, along with the door and windows.  Then use a serrated knife and cut out the holes, being careful not to poke through and stab yourself.  Clean up the edges with your scissors, keeping the large pieces for using later.
  2. Now you prime it (I used gesso).  This is optional, but it helps it cling to the surface of the carton, in fact it might be better to sand it too.
  3. Paint the outside.
  4. Cut out shingles from thin card board. You could also use card stock for the same look, but roofing is something you can use your imagination on.
  5. Cut the cardboard tube to fit the opening (like a chimney).  You may need to make it thinner so it will fit the hole better, by cutting down the side, then overlapping it and hot gluing.  Use a strip of cardboard egg carton to add a rim at the top.diy/milkcarton/dollhouse/door
  6. Hot glue shingles to the roof, starting at the bottom and working up.  They may need to be shortened at the top.
  7. Cut more egg carton strips (off the lid part) for trimming the open side and the roof.  Hot glue into place.  You could paint the egg carton pieces, but I left mine because it looked fine for what I was going for.
  8.  Use the scraps of milk carton for creating the second floor.  Use masking tape for adhering into place.  I actually used hot glue on mine, but it made a huge mess, that I had to hide later. If you do use masking tape, then hot glue on the underside so it’s reinforced.
  9. To make the porch, cut the ends of a Popsicle stick and cut two others for supports, then glue the rest for roofing.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU LEAVE ROOM FOR THE DOOR TO OPEN!
  10. Pick scrapbook paper. This is one of the super fun parts. First make sure it fits the mood of the house, and then cut it to size, and glue (I used Tacky glue, but any PVA glue will work).
  11. diy/milkcarton/dollhouse/windowboxes
  12. Cut and glue Popsicle sticks for shutters.
  13. Use egg carton cups for window boxes. Cut them in half and hot glue.
  14. Fill window boxes.  I used some random flower making supplies and some jingle bells to add whimsy, but you could do whatever really.
  15. Accessorize.  I sewed a little bed and rugs for the inside, and added a counter top on the bottom floor.

diy/milkcarton/dollhouse And now you have a dollhouse!

I enjoyed making this so much that I’ll probably make several variations with different supplies (and more pictures 😉 ).  it’s such a neat, versatile idea that you could make an entire village of them!