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Living in a Travel Trailer With a Family of Eight


The Good, the Bad and the Cramped.

If you share a room with siblings, you feel pretty close.  They always happen to know exactly what you’re doing all the time.  If you’re trying to hide something from them, they see it somehow.  If you wake up early for a bit of alone time, they wake up too.  If you walk into the room while they aren’t looking, keep the light off, and shut yourself in the closet, THEY WILL FIND YOU.

Now imagine living in an RV. There’s a little kitchen with a tiny oven and refrigerator.  Three feet away from that there’s a dinette, and to the side, a couch that seats two. A built-in houses the TV and radio, along with getting the shoes dumped in front of it (I’ve tried to organize those things…). Behind the built-in is the “master bedroom”.  At the opposite side of the living space is the kids’ room.  This is where my family of eight, not including two cats and our dog, has been living for the past two months.

It isn’t that bad, though.  We go out and do things, like go to the library.  Dad also took my thirteen year-old sister and me into Austin for the day.  We even stopped by the mall! You know your dad loves you when he takes you to the mall.

As far as staying in the travel trailer goes though, well, it’s not exactly a picnic.  I love my siblings, but the only time that it’s really bareable is when the kids are asleep.  On the smiley side we play a lot of card games.

As for playing outside; there isn’t anywhere to play.  The spot we have has quite a bit of space, but it’s new and the grass hasn’t grown in yet, not to mention the mud is really bad.  Mom doesn’t usually mind the boys getting dirty.  This mud, though… well, it’s something else.  We do go to the playground in town sometimes.  However, you can only drive to town so many times.

I said I’d tell you if I learned anything about making art in here; I didn’t.  At the most:  it’s a pain to try.  There isn’t really enough space.  You can sketch in a very durable sketch book, and that’s about it.

We also did not have any wifi.  Yes, I typed this whole thing on my phone.  Because we don’t have a computer, my posts have been less frequent.   At least, that is my excuse.

So while aspects of the whole travel trailer thing have been good, I honestly don’t like fulltiming.  I think it has more to do with being sick of moving than the trailer itself.  I do have a bit of news that makes me feel like doing the happy dance: It’s over!  We are moving into a house!  It’s just a rental, but it’s a step closer to being settled!

So now we just have to move again…