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Afternoon Art #4

Hi everyone!  Today I created another watercolor piece.


It actually is part pencil, because I’m better at pencil.  I started with a sketch on watercolor paper and worked from there.  This is my first full face done with watercolor, so I think it’s okay.  Although it isn’t what I envisioned.  That IS to be expected though.  I have barely used watercolor at all.  I tend to use acrylics, because they are usually more forgiving than watercolors.

The thing is, we live in a rental and so the rule is no acrylics in the house.  It’s in the middle of winter too, so the weather may not be ideal for outside work.  Not to mention some of my favorite artists use watercolor, and so I want to become a master.

Marry Christmas!

P.S. I know, this is very spring, and it’s winter, but I like spring, so, there.