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100 Things To Do When You Are Bored

We have those days.  Maybe Mom is not home and you have finished the assigned chores.  You have done so much school that you simply can’t think anymore.  Or your creative juices got burnt out and you need a break.  The result: boredom.  The thing is though, sometimes it happens and we need a little push to get us going again.  Not everything on this list is for everyone, but with 100 things, I am confident that you’ll find something.

And so, without further ado, I give you, 100 Things To Do When You’re Bored.

  1. Text your friends. You’ve probably already done this, but just in case…
  2. Draw your shoes.  Or your socks, or fruit, or a clock. The list continues.
  3. Write a nonsensical poem.  If you’ve never read The Jabberwocky then you need to.
  4. Read a play, out loud.  Stage fright is not a problem.  You just read it in your closet.
  5. Sort your books by color.  Your mom will think you are awesome/think you are crazy.
  6. Send a mass email to ten people about some philosophical concept.
  7. Knit.  There are lots of videos on arm and finger knitting, too.  All you need is yarn.
  8. Listen to a different music genre or artist.
  9. Do some yoga.  Again, there are lots of videos on yoga too.
  10. Plant something.  You just need seeds, dirt, water, and sun.
  11. Organize your craft supplies.
  12. Listen to an audio book.
  13. Read an exciting novel.  I’m currently reading The War of the Worlds, but I love the books by Brandon Mull and Rick Riordan.
  14. Bake something.
  15. Make a moodboard.
  16. Play hot and cold with your siblings and their stuffed animals.
  17. Dance, just because you can.
  18. Do your hair.  Even guys have hair gel, right?
  19. Paint.  If you just have paint, then use cardboard and your fingers in place of canvas and brushes.
  20. Make up an imaginary friend.
  21. Write a letter.
  22. Make a to do list.
  23. Try to lick your nose.  YOUR nose.
  24. Start a blog.  This will solve chronic boredom pretty well.
  25. Try to teach your dog tricks.
  26. Mess around with Microsoft Word.
  27. Write a heartfelt note to your mom.
  28. Draw a picture based off of your favorite book.
  29. Play with stamps.  Some people even use vegetables!
  30. Paint your face.  Or do makeup. Whatever you call it.
  31. Play fetch with your dog.
  32. Pat your head and rub your tummy.
  33. Make a washi tape mural.  Washi tape doesn’t mess up the walls and is easily removable.
  34. Bead.
  35. Paint your fingernails.
  36. Try just breathing.
  37. Chop up magazines and make a collage of your personality.
  38. Try to pronounce all the countries on the world map correctly.
  39. Then try all the cities on the map.
  40. Make really awesome armor from cardboard.
  41. Memorize a poem, that you can recite later.
  42. Play an instrument even if you don’t know how.
  43. Take a soak in the bathtub.
  44. Personalize your bed space.
  45. Move the furniture around.
  46. Make cards.
  47. Make dinner.
  48. Write a list of things you want to have accomplished in five years.
  49. Collect inspiring quotes.
  50. Go for a run.
  51. Organize your shirt drawer by color.
  52. Dress up some old clothes.
  53. Watch speed paint videos.
  54. Play a card game.
  55. Build something out of Legos.
  56. Make a salad.
  57. Write a list of places you want to travel to someday.
  58. Make a list of good qualities that you want your future spouse to have.
  59. Look up pictures of different species of insects.  Maybe, if you are brave enough, you can look up arachnids.
  60. Tell a family member how much you love them.
  61. Sing your Favorite song.
  62. Watch some Bob Ross.  Yes, I said that. Seriously though, it is really relaxing.
  63. Make a costume.
  64. Design a seal or a coat of arms.  It would be really cool to use on letters or accessorize with.
  65. Sharpen all your dull pencils.
  66. Make someone else’s bed.  Like your sister’s, otherwise it will be destroyed instantly.  Yes, I am talking about brothers.
  67. Obey every direct command for an hour.  If you can do it, then you have a rock solid will.
  68. Set one of your siblings on your shoulders and run around the living room.
  69. Get the Bible app.  Some of the plans on there are really good.
  70. Write a novel.  It may take awhile, but you won’t be bored.
  71. Play chess.  Even if your opponent is you.
  72. Do extra school.  You will have less later.
  73. Make paper snowflakes.
  74. Run around and turn off all the lights in the house.
  75. Then hide and wait for the slightly angry people to find you.
  76. Finally, leap out and tickle them.
  77. Stare at Craigslist furniture.
  78. Take weird selfies
  79. Sculpt.  You are not too old for Playdough.
  80. Do some lunges.
  81. Clear off and organize the desk.
  82. Start an art journal.
  83. Read some Psalms.
  84. Trim your toenails.  Not too pretty or exciting, but your socks would thank you, if they had mouths.
  85. Make a city out of popsicle sticks.
  86. Paint some furniture.
  87. Run outside barefoot and ponder the meaning of life.
  88. Mutter to yourself about politics.
  89. Try to put your feet behind your head.
  90. Write a comic strip.
  91. Do a puzzle.
  92. Play a board game by yourself, or with friends if they’re there.
  93. Have a staring contest with yourself in the mirror.
  94. Draw a self portrait.
  95. Practice whistling.
  96. Make art using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol.
  97. Make coffee filter flowers.
  98. Make wire twisties.
  99. Practice photography.
  100. Write a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored.  Trust me, it will keep you busy.

That’s one hundred things.  If you have more ideas, feel free to comment below and add even more cool ideas.

Seriously, if you are really bored, then try that last one.

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