Afternoon Art #5

Yay!  This is the fifth Afternoon art!  I actually wasn’t planning on writing this today.  Actually I wasn’t planning on posting anything today.  I’ve been trying to post on Tuesday, but the post I was working on wasn’t ready yet, so this what you get.


These are the drawings that Mom looks at me in a rather concerned way for, but honestly I like to draw them.  I think it is because I can make up a story to go with it.  I can also work on facial expressions (like that mouth…)  I actually think this one is more of a concept sketch, and so I may actually write a story to go with it next time. Also, the lines on his face are, well, I’m actually not sure.  I think of the lines under the eyes as scars burned by tears, and maybe the others are battle scars.

What does it make you think of?