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Cocoa Talk: A Few Goals

Hello everyone!  I have started a series of posts to just talk about random, personal things, that may or may not have anything to do with art.  Also, it is called Cocoa Talk because I don’t like coffee, and I think I’m too young, but I’m wanting the style of these posts to be pretty raw, as if I was talking to you guys in real life, face to face.

Today’s post is about posts and projects I want to do in the future.  I think if I write down my dreams and goals I am more likely to achieve them, and you all can respond to the ones that you are most excited to see.  I have quite a few dreams, so these are more of short term goals, because otherwise this would be a ridiculously long post. Anyway, here we go!

  • First of all, I would really like to start making tutorials.  When I started the blog, the plan was that it would be at least fifty percent tutorials.  However, because of various excuses I could make, I have only posted about two.
  • I also really need to work on my photos.  I say this a lot, but when you are an artist it is very important, because you need people to see what your work really looks like.  My biggest problem is lighting.  If I could just fix that….
  • I want to paint more.  There are so many different effects that you can get from different mediums.  I have done a lot of graphite, and I’m starting to do a lot of colored pencil, but I also think that painting is really cool.  I think I’m just trying to experiment as much as possible.
  • Speaking of experimenting, another thing I’m wanting to try is making studies.  That way I can broaden the scope of what I draw and add more than just faces.  A few things I would love to start with are insects, small animals, rocks, bones, body parts (like mouths), and flowers.
  • I also want to write short stories.  When I draw some of my pictures I make up stories in my head to go with them.  I think writing and posting them on the blog would be very fun.
  • Posting more often is also on my list.  I have finally mastered posting once a week, but posting two or three times a week is my ideal.
  • And then there’s working on the look and lay out of the blog.  The theme that I currently have works, but I think it needs a little, or a lot of tweaking.  Lucky for me, my dad is a coder, and so we are planning on working on it together. (Yay!)

That about wraps it up.  Which ones would you like to see the most?  What do you like about the blog, and what do you guys think would improve it?  Feedback from you guys is really important to me, so please share!

2 thoughts on “Cocoa Talk: A Few Goals

  1. Don’t knock coffee. The world runs on the stuff. And when I was your age I was gulping Louisiana coffee laced with chicory. That version should have been banned!

    One suggestion I’d make re: goals. When possible seek a mentor. Older people in a field are generally quite willing to help those starting out in that field, because – face it! – we all think our way is best. But you can have more than one mentor. It’s not like dating. So look around and don’t be scared to ask. Advice doesn’t require acceptance.

    And speaking as one who has written for several decades, the only way to really improve your skills is practice. Most will be drivel when you look back on it, but think of it as training. Also, never fall in love with your words. It prevents you from taking a cool assessment of a project. Learn to differ between “They don’t like what I wrote- they don’t like me!” and “They have some good ideas on how I can improve what I wrote. It did need help, and now I can see how to fix it!”. The words aren’t you, they are your attempt to convey your impressions of a new universe of your own devising. There are always other ways of expressing a thought, even though they may or may not be better.

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