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Afternoon Art #6

Hey Guys!  I’ve finally painted something.  I actually don’t paint very much. I think it may be a combination of having little kids running all over the place, not wanting to ruin my canvases because they are more expensive, and being too lazy to clean up after myself.  However, I like this painting a lot, and it has given me the confidence to do it more often.


I used:

5×7 canvas


Paint brushes

White gel pen


The concept behind this piece came into my head because of my love for eyes and astronomy.  A lot of the nebulae are named after what they look like, for example, the Horsehead Nebula (I got a bit of color inspiration from that one) and so in my head I was thinking along the lines of Ocular Nebula.  I also have this weird thing for drawing eyes on scrap pieces of paper, so it seemed like a good place to start.

Overall, I like this painting a lot and can’t wait to make more!

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