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Afternoon Art #7

Hey everyone!  You know how in my last afternoon art I said I have decided I love painting?  Well, I still do, and so, again, I have a painting.


I used:

5×7 canvas


Paint brushes

This time I started with an entirely black canvas and added whites and greys with some red and light blue.  I had to use a few reference photos for the profile and lips because that is something I’m still learning how to draw with the right proportions, and so I’m really excited with how this turned out.


While working through this one, I was really thinking about breath.  It gets taken for granted a lot.  You breath in and out hundreds of times each day, but as soon as it’s gone, we forget about it.  In fact, in a way, we are like breath.  We are born and we die.  We live on the earth, but once we are gone, does it remember us?

This doesn’t mean that we are without purpose.  Breath exists to give life.  If you stopped breathing you would die.  However, our purpose can be pretty unclear.  We are here to glorify God, but there is the big question of how we can best glorify Him and wondering why he has put us in the circumstances that He has.

I guess my point is I want my life, and my breath, to count.  I want to do my best to fulfill my purpose: To know and to glorify God; whether it’s through my art, writing, or every day acts of love.

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Art #7

  1. I’m so glad you have the desire to meditate on the deep things of God. I like the painting. Good choice of words to describe it.

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