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How to Draw an Anime Eye

I have wanted to make a drawing tutorial for awhile now, and finally did it (despite the perfectionist in me that doesn’t want me to post anything unless it’s perfect).  I don’t always draw anime.  I usually use it for doodles and concept sketches, but I did start with anime.  My dad used to play Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and had a big book that had all the information you needed to get though the different parts of the game.  That wasn’t the part I looked at.  It was the pictures.

Looking back, the illustrations weren’t really the most magnificent in the art world, but at eight they were astounding and far surpassed my current ability.  And so, I began tracing them, then studying and drawing them.  As I grew older I realized “Oh, I can make these more detailed, and actually proportionate,” and so I did.

For those of you who don’t know what anime is, the short way of explaining it is: it’s a style of Japanese animation (could we spell it animetion in this case?).  Interestingly, there are a lot of styles of this style, so it kinda seeps into a lot of cartoons that you wouldn’t really say are anime but definitely have a bit of anime influence.

So back on topic.  How to draw an anime eye:how/draw/anime/eye/tutorial

This is easy. You just draw a curve.

how/draw/anime/eye/tutorial                  I leave part of it open usually because otherwise the eye looks boxed in.

how/draw/anime/eye/tutorialDraw the highlights before you draw the pupil.  That way, if your highlight goes outside the pupil you don’t accidentally draw over it.


how/draw/anime/eye/tutorialThis involves coloring the iris and adding a wing for eyelashes if it’s a girl.  Then you’re done!

With the basic steps down you can practice drawing different emotions for them.  I drew a few for inspiration.





You may notice that today’s images are a bit edited for better lighting and text.  If you noticed that, you may have also noticed the images are a teensy bit inconsistent. this is because I’m still learning.  Practice makes perfect!