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Do Hard Things and the 100 Hard Things Challenge

Teenagers.  What does that word make you think of?  Personally, it makes me think of this odd combination of rebellion, recklessly plowing across a field only to discover that it’s full of mines after you get blown up; oh, and collage prep.  I’m a teenager, so this isn’t because I’m an old person looking back on what I have experienced.  I’m a young person who is afraid of experiencing more of this.

Unfortunately, this is the way the world expects us to behave. Teens are expected to be impulsive, gossipy and irresponsible.  Our culture doesn’t expect us to understand or care about important things, but Alex and Brett Harris, the authors of Do Hard Things, don’t think this is the way things should be.  “The teen years are not a vacation from responsibility,” they say (and they were eighteen when they wrote the book, so yes, they know what its like).  “We have been conditioned to believe what is false, to stop when things feel hard, and to miss out on God’s incredible purpose for our teen years.” That lie is what they call “The Myth of Adolescence”.

Alex and Brett turn the myth upside down and inside out and define an entirely different counter culture, “This is what we call the Rebelution: Throwing off the shackles of lies and low expectations and returning our generation to a true and very exciting understanding of the teen years- not as a vacation from responsibility, but as a launching pad for the rest of our lives.”

While Do Hard Things was written in 2008, I still found the ideas just as mind blowing and relevant as they were nine years ago.  Even though the authors are no longer teens, we are.  No matter what excuses we make, hard things make us expand and grow.

Because of this, the book then continues, showing you how you can break the mold and use the teen years as a chance to prepare and accomplish things that will honor God and will influence the rest of our lives.  They map out the qualities and main ideas behind hard things.  They add real life stories of others that have abandoned their comfort zones to impact their lives and the lives of others.

This book left me really excited to start pushing myself more and so I am also starting the 100 Hard Things Challenge to get started.

Basically, the challenge is that you try to do at least one hard thing a day until you have reached one hundred.  To help myself stay accountable I’ll be posting the hard things I did throughout the week here on the blog.  These will be things that are personally challenging for me and may or may not be be less challenging to others.  This isn’t about being competitive, it’s about growing in God (mostly a self-pep-talk).  If you would like to you can participate too by commenting with hard things you did during the week! (That would make my day, but no pressure).

And so, without further ado: Hard Thing #1-  Started 100 Hard Things Challenge!

For more information on Do Hard Things check out Alex and Brett’s blog: The Rebelution

Have you already, or do you want to read Do Hard Things? How did it help you? Are you thinking about starting the challenge too?

2 thoughts on “Do Hard Things and the 100 Hard Things Challenge

  1. I really love this post it is very encouraging for all teens. I might just join you on the 100 hard things challenge 🙂

    1. Thanks Emily. I hope you try the challenge. It’s going to be really fun (at least by my definition) 😉

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