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Here We Go Again

So, you know how we move a lot?  Well, guess what.  That hasn’t quite changed. We are moving once again so that we are closer to Dad’s workplace.  At the moment the commute is roughly an hour long one way and so it’s carving out two hours a day of his five day work week.  That’s ten hours a week that he’s driving instead of spending time with us or doing other productive stuff.  The plan is to have most of our things moved by the time Dad has to start work next week, and yes, we have gotten pretty good at flash moves.

One thing that is good about moving so often is that we have learned to accept change and deal with readjusting, and while this move isn’t something crazy like moving out of state, we are still having to leave what has begun to feel familiar.  I’ve gotten better at introductions, but there’s always the elusive answer to, “So, where are you from?”

The response that happens in my mind is like, “What do you mean? Where I was last, where I spent the most time, or just a general overview of every place I’ve lived?” and so I grope for the best way to explain where I exactly I am from.  Hmm…

However, God keeps moving us.  That means He hasn’t put us where He wants us yet.  Knowing that gives me confidence.

It’s still hard though.  We have to get “settled” again.  We have to leave friends we made and make new ones.  At least it’s also fun. You have new turf to explore, new people to meet, and more adventures to have!  Fear of the unknown tends to handicap me more than protect me.

Anyway this got a little ramble-y.  My point is that change is hard, but God has it under control, so if you are having some life changing stuff going on, know that “…all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

P.S.  One could call this post a self-pep talk that I published.

P.P.S. If my posting schedule gets crazy, now you know why.

4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. 💖 Hugs
    You could just mention where you where born as where your from. Then say you have moved around a lot and your family has had wonderful adventures.

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