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Hard Things 2-5

So awhile ago I wrote a review on this amazing book, Do Hard Things, and then said I would be keeping track of the things that push me outside my boundaries and are actually difficult for me.  Then we moved.

Now you may be thinking,”Moving sounds like the perfect time to do some hard things,”and you are totally, absolutely, right.  However, some how, in the chaos of moving, I neglected to log any daily difficulties that I may have bumped into.  They were certainly there, I just didn’t track ’em.

AND THEN, (this post may entirely consist of excuses that reveal that I’m trying not to appear lazy…and failing) I had to wait for the WiFi to get hooked up. (See.  I could have been keeping track that whole time.)

In all honesty,  I’m finding that getting a hard thing done every day is failing to be realistic for me.  I’m not exposed to something I find trying and difficult that often.  When it comes to house chores and getting school done, I usually just step in (not to brag).  The things that are hard for me are mostly pretty big things, or, maybe very personal things.  My problem may just be I’m not looking for them, but, hey, I run a blog, my career choice is to be a professional artist, and I am the oldest of six.  That is hard.  In fact I may have an obsession with picking hard things to do because, really I like doing hard things.

Really, I could go on trying to figure out what is hindering my growth into new and amazing things, but honestly, I have been looking, and I have discovered that I have been trying to figure this out by myself.  The problem is, that I can’t actually change my heart alone.  God has to change it, and so I need to ask Him to help me to abide in Him and He will expose the areas that I am becoming stagnant in.

Even among that though, I did actually start tracking my hard things again on Monday, so here are hard things 2-5.

2.  Moving.  It still counts, because there’s no denying that moving is hard.

3. Called the DMV.  I had to sit and stare at my phone giving myself a pep-talk for forever.  After I actually did call them (I needed to find out if I could switch a Florida Learners Permit to Texas) the whole system was automated and finally I pushed the talk to a representative button, and they were all unavailable… It was still hard to actually call them though.

4. Ran two miles without walking.  I like sprints a lot more. Just saying.

5. Got over myself.  You know the kind of drama that teens are sadly known for?  Well, um yeah.