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Afternoon Art #10

So I kinda keep drawing anime.  It just takes so much less time than a lot of my other drawings.  Actually, this one took two days instead of one (again), even though it’s just a person.


I started this one while trying to show my cousin the anime style that I usually use, because there are like twenty different styles that can fall under anime (Think Pokémon compared to what I drew.  Same, but not really.).  I actually don’t watch much anime.  My younger brothers watch Pokémon and there may be a few other things that I won’t tell the whole internet because I’ve been informed that those shows are lame (by someone who watches some show called Attack On Titan, that they also informed me was creepy and awesome which, considering the source, means I should not watch it).  Anyway, done with my mini rant, so let’s get back to the subject at hand, shall we?

The idea is that the girl is a druid,  who happens to be blind.  She has a long, in depth story, but there are too many gaps to really write it out.  The color scheme I used may be one of my favorites and I like the contrast between the light skin and hair and the dark robes.  The patterns that I drew on the clothes may have used all of my pens ink though, and it was a pretty expensive pen…  I think it wouldn’t look as neat without them, so it was probably worth it.