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Bedroom Makeover: The Befores

I love making things beautiful.  I get all tingly and bubbly and excited and act like a squirrel on caffeine.  As you have noticed, the most common way that I make things is through a piece of paper and a pencil or paintbrush, but this time I’ll be working with an entirely different medium: home design.


The above photo is of my desk.  This is definitely the most used space in the room, and as such it is a little cluttered (and this is on a good day).  When I’m in the “creativity zone” I like to have as many of my supplies on hand as possible and so things get cramped very quickly.  Also, in those drawers lies and monstrous half-organized mess, as in if I took pictures you would die in horror.


Over in the corner sits my sister’s desk.  She almost never uses it, except for “keeping” her things.  She has stated that her reasons for leaving this spot mostly abandoned are:

  1. It is stuffed in a corner.  I really don’t blame her for disliking the whole corner situation.  Almost all of the light from the window is blocked by the dresser and she has her back to the rest of the room.  That means any creepy thing (or older sister) can crawl up behind her while she’s working and give her a Wet Willie.  Not ideal.
  2. No seating.  We have mostly been using stools to sit on, and they are pretty uncomfortable.


Now we come to the dresser.  Personally I find it very heavy and dark looking, and those cubbies on one side used to be a cupboard, but the door came off.  Now they mostly just hold random junk that we don’t know were to put or are too lazy to put away (at least with the door we could hide it).  In case you find these reasons for my dislike trivial however, I have one last reason to justify my aversion to this dresser: our clothes don’t fit.  The dresser looks bulky but still won’t fit all of our clothes, in fact my sister has a trash bag in the closet full of all the clothes she can’t cram into it.

I like the little crate shelves, so for the moment they are staying put (but I may change my mind on a whim later…)  And yes, I know the keyboard can be a bit of an eyesore, but one of these days I’ll sit down and learn to use it, so it stays too.


And now I must introduce the bed.  It is a queen and is probably the most comfortable bed ever (mostly because it’s a soft mattress with a four inch thick memory foam topper on it).  Both me and my sister have been sleeping on it but a twin loft for her to sleep on that will go over it is part of the plan. The bedding is nice, although I don’t think those quilts at the foot really match.

I am super duper excited to start this because I seriously have been fantasizing about making over a space for awhile now.  That doesn’t mean I can go crazy.  I have several limitations that I’m working with.

  1. It’s a rental.  That means the beige must stay and no changing light fixtures.
  2. Money.  This must stay to a minimum as far as spending goes, because I’m not paying for most of it.  My parents are.
  3. I share my bedroom.  I have a pretty different style from my sister as you can see from the above desks.  Hers is a bit colorful and loud while I like things to be more muted, vintage and light,  but I really want this to be a space we both love, not one that I’m a Nazi over.

So, yeah.  That’s the before and what we’re working with.  I seriously can not wait to get started.  The whole process will probably come out in phases, so be sure to check back if you want to see how this turns out.  If you guys have any ideas or suggestions be sure to let me know down in the comments!