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Bedroom Makeover: The Kinda Plan

Hey everybody!  So last week I gave you guys the scoop on my sister’s and my bedroom, (If you didn’t see that you can check it out here. ) and this week I’m going to introduce the plan.  Well, sort of the plan.  You see, sometimes working together gets, well, messy, so we’ll just have to see how well we stick to the plan.

So to make sure that I was making a space that was both 100% me and 100% of my sister we sat down and figured out what things we agreed were priority:

  • First of all, we both need storage.  In my last bedroom post I made it pretty clear that we need more space for our clothes,  but a little more storage would be pretty awesome (I’m imagining floating shelves that I can make really pretty and style some with supplies and books all beautifully arranged, but then again I’m not sure how rational this is.  Some people have a harder time keeping things tidy).
  • We also agreed it would be good for her to have her own bed.  We’ve been keeping an eye out for a loft big enough to go over a queen, but haven’t found one yet.
  • A gallery wall is definitely on the list too, because I make so much art and she loves the way that they add character.  This is a pretty cheap thing too because we already have all the things to hang.

There are of course other things that I have on the wish list, but for the moment our budget is pretty tight, so these are the things we decided were most important.

As for color scheme we both love blue and coral and so that will be most of our palette along with wood and white.  There isn’t any doubt, if one of us finds something we love in a different color, the palette might be thrown to the wind. So far so good at this point, but we shall see…

So, yeah.  That’s basically it.  I’m not sure just how much will actually happen, or how much won’t for that matter, but lets stay optimistic.  Again, the biggest barrier is price, so negotiations probably need to be made on how much we have to work with (because I’m currently a broke fifteen year old).  It would be fun to have a set spending goal and see just how far I can get funding to go…  but I also hate spending other people’s money, even if they are my parents, so I may just need a job.   I don’t know.

Until then, this is the basic idea!  My biggest problem is getting too excited…