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DIY Paper Flower Arrangment

You guys, Mother’s Day is so close.  I’m also probably the worst person at figuring out what to give my mom, not because I don’t get any ideas, but because I’m never actually sure if my mom will want or need what I give to her.  Luckily for me, moms aren’t quite as picky as I think they are. (I know this because my mom kept the scribbled on pieces of paper with To Mommy scrawled on them I used to give her.)

And so, in honor of Mother’s day, today I have a paper flower arrangement tutorial!



You Need:

Floral Wire


Scrapbook paper

Crepe Paper

Coffee Filters



Floral Tape


Cotton Balls


First, for the roses, you need to dye the coffee filters.  For pink, I used about a tablespoon of red and a squirt of yellow.  Then you need to stick all of the filters you want to use into the jar.  After a couple of minutes take them out and hang them up to dry.  You need to do this either outside or over plastic or news paper so it doesn’t drip all over the place.


Once dry, cut the coffee filters into a spiral.  Then take about 8″ of floral wire and twist the top bit around the beginning of your spiral.  Add glue around the bottom edge and start twisting it into a rose.  Shape the petals as you go to cup them some (It may take a few tries).  When you get to the end, twist the round part around the stem, then wrap floral tape around it.


For leaves at the base of your flower, cut out five narrow triangle shapes from a piece of scrapbook paper, then scissor curl them so they don’t stick up in weird ways.  Wrap it around the stem then finish off with floral tape.  Now you have coffee filter roses!


For flower buds, cup the crepe paper, twist it, and stuff some cotton ball into it.  Then fold it in half, twist wire and tape around it, and you’re done!


The purple flowers are just three cupped petals with a stem.


  Leaves are easy.  The leaves above are tear drop shapes that then had a stem poked through them.  The ones below are made from a folded coffee filter with leaf shapes cut into it.coffe/filter/leaves  Then you just put them together and TA-DA!  The perfect flower arrangement for Mom.  Feel free to mess around and come up with your own flowers or tweak the ones I made.  Hope you have a Happy Mothers Day!

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