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Donating Art to the Vision Gala for Puget Sound Christian Clinic

  Okay guys, I’ve been pinching myself on and off the past couple of weeks, and I am now certain I haven’t been dreaming the whole time.  I actually have my first art event thing!  What’s even more awesome is that it’s for charity.  Yes, I am donating it, but I was still asked and really I love the cause, so I’m SUPER-DUPER excited!

  Miss Alex, the executive director of the clinic, is also a good friend of my mom.  She came and visited a few days while in our state for a conference, and we showed her around and ate chocolate, and over-all had way too much fun.  I had just finished the painting below (even though that’s not really one of my better ones. I painted on cardboard because I’d run out of canvases at the time.) and showed her a few of the things I’d been working on and she asked if I could do something for the silent auction they are holding at the gala.  I honestly didn’t think she was serious at first.  I even checked a couple times after that to make sure.  It’s like, “Oh come on Haley, you feel like people don’t take you seriously, but you don’t either.”


  The PSCC (Puget Sound Christian Clinic) is located in Seattle WA, and provides free health care to people who can’t afford it in their area.  I love that I’m able to contribute to the Vision Gala that could give someone the care they need through other believers.  I can’t stop marveling at how God actually pulled my desire and this opportunity together, even though I never should have doubted that He would.  You can learn all about the clinic and the work they do HERE.

Embarrassingly, I don’t actually know what I’m doing yet.  My favorite idea has been an eye with a smiling patient reflected in it (Trust me, it looks fantastic in my head) but I keep changing my mind.  Any ideas would certainly be appreciated.  I love collaborating with Miss Alex on this and am very grateful for this opportunity.

Well, now you’ve read what it’s like when I’m boiling over with excitement.  I hope you all have a happy 4th of July weekend!

2 thoughts on “Donating Art to the Vision Gala for Puget Sound Christian Clinic

  1. That is wonderful!
    Your art is very good and never sell yourself short. You should start an online site and sell your pieces. I would buy one. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I have been thinking about an online store, but haven’t worked out the details and requirements. I hope to though! 😉

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