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How to Make Paper Flower Wreath

Today we have another paper flower project tutorial!  I’m actually thinking this will just be a basic one and I’ll make differently themed ones for a few costume-y ideas (like a moonlight elf themed one with fairy lights and metallic flowers).  Anyway, like I said, this is a pretty basic one so its easy to mix and match colors or supplies.




Floral Wire

Discarded Birthday Streamers (Yes. I horde random junk sometimes.)

Coffee Filters

Floral tape

Glue (Not pictured.)

Scissors (Not pictured.)


First take the twine and wrap it around your head, leaving a couple inches to attach the ends.  Then wrap floral tape around the back.   You could tie it instead, but my twine would have torn because its actually twisted streamer.  It’s called recycling. (Except its really hording and hoping there’s a good reason to do so.)  Ignore the parentheses. (Don’t ignore the parentheses.)


Then take a green coffee filter, or tissue paper, and fringe it so it looks like a pom-pom. (Sort of.)


Using more floral tape, wrap it around the base of a piece of the fringe until it looks like the picture below.



Now for the little blue flowers you fold up the discarded birthday streamer and cut the top into two petal shapes.  Do not cut all the way down the fold, that way they’re still attached at the base.  Add glue to the bottom and pinch and twist, arranging the petals into a flower shape.


Then, guess what!  Floral tape again!  Wrap the base, attaching the flowers to the stem.


Then weave the stems into the wreath.  If I did this again I would add more small flowers into it, especially if they pop against the other colors.


All I did for the larger ones was fold small coffee filters in half and twist.  After that you just spread the layers apart and attach using, you guessed it: floral tape.

Then you’re done!  Be sure to add plenty of your own tweaks and have fun with it. 🙂