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Gala Art Round Four

Whew.  I finally finished this one.  I slowed down my pace a bit (and was busy with some other things that popped up) BUT, it is done.

This painting was very fun to make.  The concept was time flies, thus the clock-birds or clock-owls or “clowls” as my siblings have named them.  In case you are wondering, my family is my own personal team of art critics that tell me if something looks off or if there is anything that I should add.  It really helps to get a second or third or fifth opinion.  The feedback and support really help me to keep improving and they get to come up with funny names for things.


Originally I had planned for this to have a lot of greys and shadows.  I wanted it to seem semi-sad and creepy, because, well, once time is gone you can’t get it back.  It just moves and before you know it, it’s gone.  However as I worked on it, there was a bit of a realization that even though time is limited, that is what makes the moments you are given so much more precious.  Everything is done for a reason, so we don’t need to despair that we didn’t use time a certain way.  The past is not changeable and neither is the future.  You learn from the past, you act in the present and you plan for the future.

SO… somehow this turned very whimsical and bright.  It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.  I love it though. I think I’ll call it TimePeace.  What do you guys think?  Out of all the paintings so far, which one is your favorite?