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Steampunk Nerf Gun

Guess what I worked on all week end!  If you guessed “worked on a steampunk style re-do of my Nerf Gun,” you’d be right.  If you guessed “spent way too much time playing the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”… well you’d be right, too.  Either way, from this combination this Nerf gun was born:


There are A LOT of things that I learned from this project.  First of all, always pay attention to the inside of the gun when you take it apart.  I got it to function thanks to YouTube videos, but I also threw it a few times and the barrel doesn’t come out to be reloaded anymore.  I’m not sure why…

Second, you may want to use a primer that adheres to the plastic better.  I used gesso on most of it.  It worked fine, but I’m not certain of the exact durability of the paint.

Third, I used hot glue for the embellishments.  Don’t.  Hot glue is messy and does not work well.

I had planned on perhaps doing a tutorial, but I got carried away.  If any one is interested in an in depth tutorial, let me know in the comments!

Here are a few more pictures:



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