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Drawing Goblins and Fairies

My apologies if that scared anyone.  It has been brought to my attention more than once that the fangs are…menacing, to say the least.  Either way, I love this drawing.

This may not be my best work, but drawing colorful cartoons and character portraits is one of the things I do to relax and think.  For me they aren’t just drawings, they are individuals with personalities and stories.  This goblin for example is green with fangs, but also was made to look playful and friendly, in spite of the goblin’s reputation for attacking and pillaging as heartless animals.  In my mind there are certainly some, if not many like that, but this one is not.  Does she belong to a different tribe?  Is she just unusual?  Did the winners just get to tell the story leaving goblins misunderstood and subject to prejudice?

For whatever reason, the fairies trust her, and are her constant companions.

But enough story telling.  Let’s move on to self-critique:

I love the way the colors blended with the Prismacolor colorless blending pencil I used and the large eyes and freckles.  The fairies could use some improvement, mostly with getting them to fit better into the background and the concept.  Same with the mushrooms.

Once the gala project is finished (so close!) I’ll probably work on doing some more drawing, but for now what do you think?  What was your first impression?

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