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Gala Art Round Five

I have officially made five paintings for this gala.  I’ll be honest I got a bit angry at this painting.  First I did the dots, but then I didn’t like them, then I did and added more dots.  Then I needed to add a subject, which was going to be a bird silhouette, but I did a snail instead because I felt like it (it was a message to myself to be patient), then got mad I didn’t go with the bird because it would have matched the colors in the first painting.

And they call painting meditative…..

In the end I accepted it, because it is a lesson: never paint snails.

Just kidding!!!  It was a lesson in accepting what you really want to paint.  I wanted to paint the snail, I liked painting the snail, and I just liked the snail.  Worrying about it after it is done does nothing (unless you count driving yourself mad as something).  Learning from it after it is done however, will help you grow.  You just have to take it one twig at a time.