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I’m Back!

So, you know how I said I was going to get back on my posting schedule again like, THREE WEEKS AGO?!  Well, I’m saying it again.

  Every time I write out my plan, it changes, BUT it won’t this time! (Insert awkward laughing)

  Alright.  In my defense, I overestimated my ability to get school done, then had extra because I was trying to get ready to go to Seattle for the Puget Sound Christian Clinic’s Vision Gala.  (If you missed that story, I donated some art to an amazing fundraiser for a clinic, in Seattle. A wrote this post about it here.)

  My parents and I stayed for six whole days and it was absolutely amazing!  We got to do all the touristy things, and see lots of beautiful trees, and plants, and water, and sailboats, and a whale, and an otter, and seals, and more fantastic things I won’t mention because I’d fill this post and you would run out of time to read it and walk away.  We’ll just say that it was lovely, giving lots of scope for the imagination.

  The gala itself was wonderful too.  We got to dress up and I got my nails panted at a nail place for the first time ever. (I usually don’t, because, well, painting.)  Then we went and had great food and got to watch the auction and listen to the great stories about the fantastic work God is doing through them.

  THEN I had a chalk walk festival the same week I got back, giving me only two days to catch up on school.  BUT I did win the “Best Figure” award for my piece!

  Anyway, NOW blogging is more of a priority, although life keeps happening, so we’ll see.

  Until then!