Do I Dare Say I’m Back?

Hey guys.  Long time no post, I know.  Not to mention this post will probably just say,”Hey I’ll write a real post soon!” just to write,”Just kidding! NOW I’ll write valuable content!” several months later. But seriously- I want to.

The truth is, I’m still in school, so all my energy goes to it. By the time I’ve finished I really just want to spend the two remaining hours I have laying on the couch and watching Netflix, sketching, and just being lazy in general.  Do I need to toughen up and make it a habit to go straight into projects, burnt out or not?  Probably.

When you are actually in the moment, you make up all kinds of excuses like:

“You deserve a break.”

“You won’t make good art without energy.”

“You’ll have time later.”

Wonderful, right?  My excuses are all based off of entitlement, laziness, and procrastination. Of course, I’ve been listening to myself anyway, other-wise there would be more art.

So now I’ve confessed, but will I repent?  Repentance is only different because you change direction, so without action, nothing will change. I will forever write apologies for not writing.

That sounds like a sad end.

At the same time, I am very honestly burnt out most days.  This happened to be a day that I got my school done at two instead of five because half of my subjects are on break for Christmas.  On most days I have worked hard and I need time to hang out with my family and help with chores.

But there are still days I have time.

So.  This could be the beginning of a new age of prolific blogging, or any hints of this blog could fade from existence.

I guess we’ll find out.

(Also I just realized that this is the third year anniversary, exactly, of my first post. Which makes this feel like I’m betraying my past self…  More motivation?)