Starting a YouTube+ A Drawing Tutorial

So, I have a surprise for you guys… that is no longer surprising because of the title… BUT SERIOUSLY! I started a YouTube channel!  This is an experiment I’ve been working on for awhile now. I was a little afraid of things like editing and video quality, (which is still a work in progress) so I kept procrastinating.  Then I decided after my last post that it was time to push myself.  So I did, and now I have a YouTube channel!

Now you can expect some fun new forms of content like drawing time lapses, drawing challenges, and tutorials.  I’m still not certain how often I’ll be posting, but I’m hoping to become more consistent.

Now, onto the video!

For my first video I thought I’d do a more thorough anime face tutorial. I did an eye tutorial a while back, but wanted to go a little more in depth and add more features including noses, mouths, eyebrows, and facial anatomy.

There are of course some things I need to work on (cough, voice-overs, cough, cough) but I’m still learning.  If you guys have any ideas or want to see some specific videos please leave a comment!  I’d love to hear any ideas!