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Dealing With Set Resolutions

It’s the New Year! Sort of. This post is a bit late.  Well, I can make a late resolution to get posts written on time right?!  Nothing like a few extra resolutions after making a few hundred of them before 2018 even started! Que hysterical hyperventilation and wringing of hands.

Don’t get me wrong, I love planning. Every day I wake up and write down exactly what I want to get done. Every month I write down the things that HAVE to happen that month, and then some.  I also happen to be a dreamer, so I make huge maps for what I need to do to be ‘successful’ in my reality.

    You can imagine how I get in the “New year! Make plans! Be successful next year! Set goals!” hype. If you are anything like me, then this doesn’t raise anxiety right a way though. You think,”Hey, yeah, great! I want to be successful! I’ll go make some goals!” You make the goals. “Wow I’m so mature and controlled!” I call this stage the New Year High.  It happens to me every year and it’s great! – But then there’s the other thing that happens every year: The New Year Low.  This happens anywhere from, like, now, to mid-February.

Suddenly, all those plans look GIGANTIC and you feel, well, small. You’ve started on some goals, practiced some resolutions, forgotten others, bitten way more off than you can actually chew, and just ran out of juice. Mental juice. Not the drinking kind.

That’s where I kind of am now.

But, Haley, that can’t be the end!

Actually it could be- BUT (there’s always a but when it seems hopeless) there are a few strategies you can implement to fight the death of your goals.

  1. Break down your plans into smaller tasks. There are 365 days in a year which is plenty of time to chip away at the big things.  You want to write a novel? Write just one page or even just 200 words a day. Don’t try to eat an elephant by doing it all at once
  2. Have an accountability partner.  If you want to exercise for thirty minutes a day, then tell your friends or mom or whoever else and ask them to ask you about it or even do it with you.  That way you have a team to support you.
  3. Journal about it. You don’t necessarily have to log the whole thing, but just get your thoughts on paper so you can see them. Then identify your negativity and all your excuses or even self depreciation and write the truth beside it. Turn ‘I always fail at my resolutions’ to ‘Will persevere through my resolutions’, or ‘I am a stupid, worthless person’ to ‘I am a person worth everything to the Creator of the Universe’.
  4. Remember that the incompletion of your resolutions doesn’t make you less valuable or important as a person. You are uniquely created and loved by God just like everyone else, and He won’t shun you just because you didn’t post every week, or didn’t get perfect grades, or can’t quite make an eight minute mile.  You are still you. You don’t become less because or more than others because of some plan you had.
  5. All man-made plans are temporary.  God also has a way better plan than you could ever have for yourself that will fulfill you way more than whenever you reach that goal or make that resolution. Don’t idolize your list. It’s just a tool.

I hope these tips were helpful to you, and happy one-and-a half-week-old Year!

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