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It’s Been Too Long. Again.

Whew. February has been a busy 12 days days so far. Actually, I think I’m busy all the time, it just happens to be February at the moment.

Any-who, I finally had a bit of time to do something other than school and randomness and… guess what I did! If you think the answer is write a blog post, you would be wrong. I actually did some much needed drawing. I’m writing this post while juggling chores and other things, because I needed to draw. So I finished a sketchbook page with some characters I made up a long time ago, that I need to redraw again, because they are never quite right.

I know. This picture makes very little sense and isn’t my best work, but it was good to draw.

I haven’t actually been idle on the blog. Quite the contrary. I have been working on my email list, so I can more easily notify you guys of blog posts and other things, like shop updates and sales- once I have an online shop. I am working on that too, it just isn’t quite there, but I am working on it.

Also, if you’ve already been signed up for the email list and you get a welcome email, it’s part of the transition process- I couldn’t figure out how not to. I’m that teen that doesn’t know how to use tech.

Oh! And I just got accepted into a juried art show, which is awesome. This is the first art show I’ve ever been in, besides the chalk walk, which I forgot to blog about….  That deserves it’s own blog post though.

Any way, I’m still alive! I say this a lot, but hopefully I’ll post more and get better at actually doing things in this little corner of the web.

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