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I’m Back!

So, you know how I said I was going to get back on my posting schedule again like, THREE WEEKS AGO?!  Well, I’m saying it again.   Every time I write out my plan, it changes, BUT it won’t this time! (Insert awkward laughing)   Alright.  In my defense, I overestimated my ability to get… Read More I’m Back!

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The Paintings Have Been Selected!!!

That is right folks!  The paintings have been picked! I originally was only bringing one, but they liked the two blue ones and the concept behind the hand, so I’m sending all three!  I’m so happy that I keep using exclamation points! Now they just need to get prepped and ready!

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Gala Art Round Two

And we’re back with another painting.  After the first one I developed a bit of an obsession.  I am now quite over it because you can only paint so many eyes in a row. This eye gave me a teensy bit of trouble, probably because I thought the last one went way better than I… Read More Gala Art Round Two