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There’s an ache inside Caused by pride. The thought of knowing better Bound her heart with iron fetter. If only you’d left the matter alone, Her heart and her head, together they groan. Her heart realized its maddening sin. She wants to apologize, but were to begin? Finally, she wrote it all down, So that… Read More Apology

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Afternoon Art #6

Hey Guys!  I’ve finally painted something.  I actually don’t paint very much. I think it may be a combination of having little kids running all over the place, not wanting to ruin my canvases because they are more expensive, and being too lazy to clean up after myself.  However, I like this painting a lot,… Read More Afternoon Art #6

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Afternoon Art #5

Yay!  This is the fifth Afternoon art!  I actually wasn’t planning on writing this today.  Actually I wasn’t planning on posting anything today.  I’ve been trying to post on Tuesday, but the post I was working on wasn’t ready yet, so this what you get. These are the drawings that Mom looks at me in… Read More Afternoon Art #5