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Afternoon Art #5

Yay!  This is the fifth Afternoon art!  I actually wasn’t planning on writing this today.  Actually I wasn’t planning on posting anything today.  I’ve been trying to post on Tuesday, but the post I was working on wasn’t ready yet, so this what you get. These are the drawings that Mom looks at me in… Read More Afternoon Art #5


Redoing Old Art

We are finally kind of settled, at least for the moment, and being settled has given me a lot more time to draw.  My desk is in the corner of the living room, where I have all of my sketch paper, and I just got a whole bunch of new pencils for Christmas. Now that… Read More Redoing Old Art

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The Teddy Bear

A teddy bear sits on a high dusty shelf Dirty and torn and all by himself His stuffing won’t stay in His arm ‘s drooping down But on his face there isn’t a frown. He’s peacefully thinking of times long ago, Times when he was played with, even though Now he is beaten from all… Read More The Teddy Bear

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Afternoon Art #4

Hi everyone!  Today I created another watercolor piece. It actually is part pencil, because I’m better at pencil.  I started with a sketch on watercolor paper and worked from there.  This is my first full face done with watercolor, so I think it’s okay.  Although it isn’t what I envisioned.  That IS to be expected… Read More Afternoon Art #4

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Afternoon Art #3

I’ve been wanting to try messing with watercolor for awhile, and after seeing some of a friend’s paintings I really wanted to. Also, those who know me know that my favorite things to draw tend to be eyes. If I doodle, I usually draw an eye. Maybe I feel like I always could use more… Read More Afternoon Art #3