Redoing Old Art

We are finally kind of settled, at least for the moment, and being settled has given me a lot more time to draw.  My desk is in the corner of the living room, where I have all of my sketch paper, and I just got a whole bunch of new pencils for Christmas. Now that… Read More Redoing Old Art

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The Teddy Bear

A teddy bear sits on a high dusty shelf Dirty and torn and all by himself His stuffing won’t stay in His arm ‘s drooping down But on his face there isn’t a frown. He’s peacefully thinking of times long ago, Times when he was played with, even though Now he is beaten from all… Read More The Teddy Bear

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Afternoon Art #4

Hi everyone!  Today I created another watercolor piece. It actually is part pencil, because I’m better at pencil.  I started with a sketch on watercolor paper and worked from there.  This is my first full face done with watercolor, so I think it’s okay.  Although it isn’t what I envisioned.  That IS to be expected… Read More Afternoon Art #4

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Afternoon Art #3

I’ve been wanting to try messing with watercolor for awhile, and after seeing some of a friend’s paintings I really wanted to. Also, those who know me know that my favorite things to draw tend to be eyes. If I doodle, I usually draw an eye. Maybe I feel like I always could use more… Read More Afternoon Art #3

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Afternoon Art #1

I draw and create all the time.  It’s my favorite thing to do, so I do it whenever I have the chance.  However I don’t always finish the pictures or paintings I make, mostly because I’m very easily distracted.  For the longest time my mom has been telling me “Just post it.” and so this… Read More Afternoon Art #1


DIY Dollhouse

Hello, everybody!  This is a project I did a while ago that I never put up (oops).  I made it for my seven year old sister, who wanted something she could take outside to play dolls in.  It is not water proof (so don’t leave it out in the rain) but it is very portable… Read More DIY Dollhouse