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Afternoon Art #1

I draw and create all the time.  It’s my favorite thing to do, so I do it whenever I have the chance.  However I don’t always finish the pictures or paintings I make, mostly because I’m very easily distracted.  For the longest time my mom has been telling me “Just post it.” and so this… Read More Afternoon Art #1


DIY Dollhouse

Hello, everybody!  This is a project I did a while ago that I never put up (oops).  I made it for my seven year old sister, who wanted something she could take outside to play dolls in.  It is not water proof (so don’t leave it out in the rain) but it is very portable… Read More DIY Dollhouse

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DIY Costume: The Mood

A few supplies compiled for a costume idea.  I’m not sure how consistent the actual costume will be with this mood, but this is the feel I am going for.  I will try to post some more photos of the process as I create it, in a series of short posts like this one.