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DIY Costume: The Mood

A few supplies compiled for a costume idea.  I’m not sure how consistent the actual costume will be with this mood, but this is the feel I am going for.  I will try to post some more photos of the process as I create it, in a series of short posts like this one.


Trying A New Technique

No, I didn’t draw in a reading book. That is my art journal, so please don’t freak out.  Amongst all the crazy things I’m trying to do mentioned in the previous post I did find some time to draw. I like the look of the words in the background, except for one thing… YOU CAN STILL… Read More Trying A New Technique


Life Update!

Hey everyone!  No, I didn’t die (or this would be titled Death Update), there’s just been a whole lot of craziness going on.  Most of it has been big whole-family changes, but during that time I was able to focus on some things for the future.  I am a very visionary person, which is a good… Read More Life Update!