Life Update!

Hey everyone!  No, I didn’t die (or this would be titled Death Update), there’s just been a whole lot of craziness going on.  Most of it has been big whole-family changes, but during that time I was able to focus on some things for the future.  I am a very visionary person, which is a good… Read More Life Update!

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Why I Love Drawing

The other day I was sitting in the living room with my awesome dad, who listens (actually listens) to my endless ramble on art.  He’s awesome.  Anyway as I continued in talk for hours mode, he asked “So what is your favorite stuff to use?” Well, I had to think (aloud) about that for a while… Read More Why I Love Drawing

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Lots of Flowers

I love making paper flowers at the moment.  How long will I still love making them? I’m not sure. I may need a break from them after a few more months. I made these flowers a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post about them.  I think they look kind of whimsical. To make them I… Read More Lots of Flowers


Lots of Little Things

    I plan to make this into a mini series.  There are just so many things that I want feedback on, I’m unsure of, or don’t seem big enough to blog about.  In fact I want feed back on whether this is a good idea too. 🙂 First I’ll talk about the snail.  My sister and I had discovered the… Read More Lots of Little Things

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DIY Paper Butterflies

I really LOVE the way these turned out in my sisters room!  There are so many different things that you could do with this idea! Can’t you see these used as party decorations, scrapbooking, mixed media, etc..  You  can really use whatever you have on hand for paper.  I used scrapbook paper, but I think they would also look good… Read More DIY Paper Butterflies


Hi There!

Hi. This is the first post of an inexperienced kid entering the blogosphere.  I hope you enjoy watching her crash land onto planet screen. SPLAT!! “Ouch.” Well, she’s here. Have fun watching her try to be artistic. Insert Haley-“Well that narrator sounded kinda hopeless.  I’m not that bad. Right?  Hopefully I help inspire others to… Read More Hi There!