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Afternoon Art #11

Ok.  I know the quote I used on this art journal page is by Billy Blanks, but seriously.  It’s true.  Mom, my oldest younger sister (does that work?), and I have been using Mom’s old work out videos lately and my favorite are probably the Tae Bo videos.  It’s weird how exercising wisdom translates to everything else too. I used:… Read More Afternoon Art #11

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There’s an ache inside Caused by pride. The thought of knowing better Bound her heart with iron fetter. If only you’d left the matter alone, Her heart and her head, together they groan. Her heart realized its maddening sin. She wants to apologize, but were to begin? Finally, she wrote it all down, So that… Read More Apology

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The Teddy Bear

A teddy bear sits on a high dusty shelf Dirty and torn and all by himself His stuffing won’t stay in His arm ‘s drooping down But on his face there isn’t a frown. He’s peacefully thinking of times long ago, Times when he was played with, even though Now he is beaten from all… Read More The Teddy Bear