You’re the kind of person who can’t help adding a hint of introspection and a dash of whimsy to life.

But you need a way to express it.

You, my friend, are in the right place.

Salutations! My name is Haley Griffis, and I am an artist.

I create surrealistic illustrations, paintings, and anything that strikes my fancy. I often blend styles into detailed cartoons, or go the opposite direction with photo-realistic portraits. As a young artist, I don’t consider myself limited to a specific style and continue to experiment; doodling my phone cases, taking traditional commissions, and drawing for my blog. 

I have a few core beliefs:

  • I am driven by a desire to see God glorified by exploring human experience, nature, and mimicking His act of creation.
  • Stories, or reasons for art are incredibly important, and I always try to fill in the layers of meaning of a piece- even if it’s reason is just to be fun.
  • There is not a magic goal you must reach to be an artist, you just have to draw, paint, make music, or tell stories. You just have to create.

I also believe that you need art and creativity in your life.

You love to seek out those little pockets of inspiration, passion, and artistic flare. You are a thinker, and what better food (or voice) for thought than art?

But maybe…

  • You want art that captures your story, and fills your space with your unique personality, but haven’t quite found what you are looking for.
  • You have your own original ideas and inspirations, and you want to put  them on paper, but it comes out way different than what you had in your head…
  • You want to know how you can treat every day like a new canvas.

This is why I started Hint of Haley. I wanted to make a place to fill with art, illustrations, and things that inspire me. I wanted to share those things with you.

For the wannabe artists reading this: stop calling yourself a wannabe. You are not a tiny, adorable, kangaroo from Australia. (Well, I suppose you could be tiny, adorable and from Australia- but you know what I mean!)

You are a unique, graphite scribbling, genius, and no one can ever be the artist you are.

I want to help you really tap into your creative juices and use them to flow onto paper. That’s why, besides just art, you will find tutorials, videos, challenges and other artsy things laying around on the blog, so you can hone those skills and ideas and make art the way you want to.

You in? I thought you would be.

Oh! Before I go, I’d like to invite you to join my email list community! There you’ll get updates on the newest content, and maybe some other fun stuff along the way…

And really, thanks so much for being here with me. I am so excited to get to do art with you!