Afternoon Art 3#

I’ve been wanting to try messing with watercolor for awhile, and after seeing some of a freind’s paintings I really wanted too. Also, those who know me know that my favorite things to draw tend to be eyes. If I doodle, I usually draw an eye. Maybe I feel like I always could use more

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Afternoon Art #2

This is a picture I drew a while ago, because I didn’t finish today’s with enough daylight to photograph.  I drew it in my art journal and I like the simplicity of the lines and it was just fun to draw.  I do like to add more detail though, but I find these kinds of illustrations relaxing, so I still draw them pretty often.


We moved into the travel trailer finally, and I plan to write a longer more detailed post about it.  Right now though I’m doing this all on my phone until we figure out better wifi options.  The thing will get written though.

And I’m out of things to say now so I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow 😉

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The Sun Through The Trees

Afternoon Art #1

I draw and create all the time.  It’s my favorite thing to do, so I do it whenever I have the chance.  However I don’t always finish the pictures or paintings I make, mostly because I’m very easily distracted.  For the longest time my mom has been telling me “Just post it.” and so this

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DIY Dollhouse

Hello, everybody!  This is a project I did a while ago that I never put up (oops).  I made it for my seven year old sister, who wanted something she could take outside to play dolls in.  It is not water proof (so don’t leave it out in the rain) but it is very portable

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DIY Paper Ice Cream Cone

Everyone loves ice cream, and although this one may not be as delicious, it certainly is adorable. To make one you will need: scissors glue (not shown) scrapbook paper black paint (not shown) a green coffee filter stuffing First, cut out the shape for the cone. I somehow ended up with a shape that looks

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Summer Elf82416

Drawing Coloring Pages

My sister had been begging me to draw her some coloring pages for awhile now and I finally got around to doing it.  As an added bonus I was able to experiment with my black Copic Sketch markers that I got for Christmas.  I know, they are Copics!!!  but honestly, I kept forgetting I had them.

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Moving into a Travel Trailer

 Yup.  It’s happening.  Well, not right this second, or this week- in fact not really for another two months. But– It is happening. For a lot of people, that’s not bad.  In fact if you find a nice park, have at least weekends off, a reasonable amount of personal space, and don’t have a hairy,

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Taking a Break (of Sorts)

Hi, everyone!  I just want to let you all know that I am taking a bit of time off from trying to come up with posts.  I have been having a bit of writers block for a little while now, along with a lot of life-stuff going on (have you noticed yet?) so I’ll be

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Drawing Fairy Folk and Dryads

I have been working on my drawing skills as I pursue my dreams of someday becoming a full-time artist.  I am experimenting with lots of different styles to try to figure out what my style is. I like hyper-realism and surrealism so I tried blending the two, but my hyper-realism may need some work.  If

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Drawing in the Car

 I drew this while sitting in the car, for hours. It can be pretty difficult to draw in a vehicle when sitting by a younger brother…  They fling their arms and occasionally hit your page.  That is when you just have to let it go.  I don’t have a lot of time to myself when

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